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“Instructions for living a life.

Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.

― Mary Oliver


The experience of this walk was both peaceful and delightful! Jennifer’s presence and especially her words of direction truly had a calming effect on me. I walked away feeling like a treated myself to something I didn’t even know I needed. —Deb


I was reminded to enjoy the moment and not wait for everything to be the way I think it should be. I left feeling relaxed and having some time to think about perspective. —Linda


I've gone on a few forest therapy walks with Jennifer. I was pleasantly surprised each time with how my mind and body were able to slow down and really observe what creation has to say. I enjoyed removing myself from technology, being still, and really observing. 


The forest therapy walk is a great experience for those who love nature. It opens your mind and senses to find your inner peace. It’s an opportunity to appreciate all the beauty nature has to offer. —Mary


This is a very peaceful and healing experience. —Cathy


It was a great afternoon shared with many people that love nature. It took my mind off of the problems of the world for a short time. I would recommend this to everyone who loves to be out in nature. —Susan


These walks are wonderful! Relaxing, reflective and educational. Jennifer does a great job. —Michelle


Jennifer’s passion comes through in the care she takes in setting up the experience and then giving you space to discover. She helps you to awaken your senses to God’s creation. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to scheduling another walk. —Heide

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